Tongkat Ali is an extract derived from the roots of Eurycoma Longifolia (AKA Longjack) that has been shown to help support the vital hormone testosterone by increasing the free testosterone in the body. Tongkat Ali is traditionally used in Southeast Asia to address various health concerns. Studies show it can help increase free, circulating testosterone bound to Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG).

Fadogia Agrestis is a potent herbal extract that can help boost testosterone. Fadogia Agrestis aids in the support and elevation of testosterone levels for the improvement of physical performance and vitality. The herb aids in Luteinizing Hormone (LH) release and helps increase LH receptor sensitivity.

BioPerine is a black pepper fruit extract, standardized to contain pure piperine.Piperine is used to substantially increase the absorption of ingredients contained in the supplement.

How to use

Take 2 capsules once per day

Take with Food and Water

How to use

Take 2 capsules once per day

Take with Food and Water

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Frequently asked questions

What does this supplement do exactly?

This supplement is formulated to assist with healthy proliferation of cells in your body’s tissues. It does this by reducing chronic inflammation, increasing blood flow, and reducing oxidativestress by neutralizing and removing free radicals in the body.

Is this supplement gluten free?

Yes, our skin and joints formula is gluten free. We avoid using any glutenous ingredients whenever possible.

Is this supplement diary free?

Yes, this specific supplement is diary free and does not contain any dairy derivatives.

Can I take this supplement with other medications?

We always recommend speaking with your physician before using any supplements in combination with other medications to ensure safety.

Can I take this supplement on an empty stomach?

We recommend taking this supplement with food and water to enhance absorption of all ingredients without making your stomach upset. Many customers do take this supplement on an empty stomach without issues; everyone is different so do what works best with your body.

Is this supplement better for women or men?

Our skin and joints formula is made to be taken by men and women. All the ingredients used in our formula are for the proliferation of healthy cells in the human body regardless of sex.

How long does it take for this supplement to take effect?

Most supplements take 3-6 weeks of consistent use in tandem with a healthy lifestyle (nutritious diet and regular exercise) before you notice improvements.

Where are our supplements made?

All our supplements are made here in the United States in FDA approved manufacturing facilities. Many of the ingredients found in our supplements are not grown in the USA and must be sourced from around the world. We work to source all ingredients ethically and test our ingredients diligently.