Our Story

It all started many years ago, when Alec’s mother, Laura, was diagnosed with breast cancer

In order to effectively combat the cancer and alleviate the harsh symptoms of chemotherapy – drastic lifestyle changes had to be made.

Subtracting all processed foods from Laura’s diet and replacing them with nutrient-dense superfoods was the first step.

Next was incorporating a diligent exercise routine into her daily life and giving priority to all forms of outdoor physical activities.

An incredibly healthy diet in tandem with routine exercise was equivalent to magic.

Laura made a full recovery and came out of the experience a stronger healthier woman. During the stages of Laura’s recovery, “food is medicine” became our gospel.

This notion that consuming fresh, nutrient-dense foods can significantly influence your health and lifespan in a profound way deeply resonated with Alec. Juicing fresh roots and vegetables became a happy memorable routine he shared with his mother during her recovery.

While consuming an abundance of fresh vegetable juice, roots, fruits, fish and quality supplements, Alec began to notice a higher drive. He could run farther, exercise for longer, think more clearly and experienced an overall state of elevated happiness.

The epiphany came: nutrition truly is medicine.

Most people living in the U.S. are deficient in many essential nutrients.

Our Mission

These deficiencies lead to illness, disease and shorter lifespans. We know this does not have to be the case and we are dedicated to helping people take control of their health and live a better life.

We started EN-1 because we are on a mission to provide health solutions that enable people to live longer healthier lives. We are addicted to feeling good and strive to help others feel good.

Health is our passion. Nutrition is our mission. You are our dedication.

Our brand

At EN-1, we provide the means to influence positive physiological changes that upgrade the functions of bodily faculties and elevate the quality of your life.

Live stronger. Live longer. Live happier.

Our purpose

Maintain your strength, mobility and ability throughout the entirety of your life.

Spend quality time with your grandkids well into their maturity without any physical limitations. Continue participating in your favorite sports and live passionately despite the number tagged to your name.

Look and feel your best. Every day, Every month, Every year, all the time.

Redefine what age means to you and those around you.